Tuesday, April 29, 2008

XenaCast Episode #28

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Hey everybody, look! I really am still alive! Yay!!! Yes, I know it's been a while and I apologize for leaving you without your Xena podcasting fix but now I'm back. In this show, I update you on the fun and exciting world that is Amy's Life and review a couple of episodes. Enjoy!

Episode Review

Forget Me Not - Written by Hilary J. Bader. Directed by Charlie Haskell. First aired on March 9, 1998.

Fins, Femmes, and Gems - Teleplay by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster. Story by Rob Tapert, Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster. Directed by Josh Becker. First aired on April 13, 1998.

The music in my podcast was written and performed by Marilyn Rucker. You can find her and all her wonderfully entertaining music at Marilyn Rucker's Myspace page, at CD Baby, or on ITunes.

One of the greatest Xena websites on the internet is Whoosh. It is a must see for any Xena fan.

The other greatest Xena website is AUSXIP. It has everything a Xena fan might possibly ever want. You must go visit.

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