Saturday, December 22, 2007


Hey all, I'm taking a hiatus until after the first of the year. The next show will be out on January 7th. Everybody have safe and happy holidays.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

XenaCast Episode #25

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Xenaverse News
Check out the Creation site for the guest list.

Go visit and click on the little "donate" button to help feed and water the striking writers.

The Adrienne Wilkinson charity auction is hosted by the offcial Adrienne Wilkinson website. She's been doing this auction for several years now to raise money for a family in need. It started because she wanted to help a friend in need. Then she decided to keep doing it every year. For the whole story, visit Bitch of Rome. Head on over to Ebay to find all the items for sale.

Check out Katherine Fugate's site for details on how you can win a phone call from Kim Delaney.

Lucy News
Lucy's Chicago concert DVD is now ready to ship. Go over to the Creation site to check out the play list, view clips, and order your copy.

Wrestler Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, interviews Lucy for the WWE.

Visit for more information on the new Justice League DVD release.

Fan Fiction Review
Home by Warrior Nutcase

Forum Thread
The famous Zebra thread at the Xena Online Community

Episode Review

One Against An Army - Written by Gene O'Neill and Noreen Tobin. Directed by Paul Lynch. First aired on February 9, 1998.

Forgiven - Written by R.J. Stewart. Directed by Garth Maxwell. First aired on February 16, 1998.

The music in my podcast was written and performed by Marilyn Rucker. You can find her and all her wonderfully entertaining music at Marilyn Rucker's Myspace page, at CD Baby, or on ITunes.

One of the greatest Xena websites on the internet is Whoosh. It is a must see for any Xena fan.

The other greatest Xena website is AUSXIP. It has everything a Xena fan might possibly ever want. You must go visit.

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