Friday, June 30, 2006

XenaCast Show #3

XenaCast episode 3 is here!

Listen to Episode 3

In this show, I review the next four episodes of season 1:

Death in Chains - Story by Babs Greyhosky and Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster. Teleplay by Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster. Directed by Charles Siebert. Originally aired on November 13, 1995.

Hooves and Harlots - Written by Steven L. Sears. Directed by Jace Alexander. Originally aired on November 20, 1995.

The Black Wolf - Written by Alan Jay Gleuckman. Directed by Mario Di Leo. Originally aired on January 8, 1996.

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts - Story by Roy Thomas & Janis Hendler. Teleplay by Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster. Directed by T.J. Scott. Originally aired on January 15, 1996.

The book I got for my birthday can be found here:

The music in my podcast was written and performed by Marilyn Rucker. You can find her and all her wonderfully entertaining music at

One of the greatest Xena websites on the internet is Whoosh. It is a must see for any Xena fan.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm not a tease, I swear

I am so sorry about posting that the episode would be out on Sunday and then not delivering. I had every intention to get it done. But when I woke up Sunday morning, it was to the news that my Grandpa had died. He was 83 and went in his sleep. Best way I can think of to go. Anyway, I just got home tonight and hope to get the episode posted this weekend, I promise. Thanks for the encouraging emails.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Next episode tomorrow

Alright, I got the next episode recorded. I just have to edit and then upload it. It will be ready later today. Thank y'all for your patience.