Monday, August 27, 2007

XenaCast will be delayed

Hey all, due to way too much going on in my life right now, this weeks episode of XenaCast will be delayed until next weekend. See you then!

Monday, August 13, 2007

XenaCast Episode #20

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Xenaverse News
At, there is an article about female superheroes or the lack there of.

The Xena con in Chicago is on for October 5-6.

Lucy News
Pictures and video of Lucy at the REAF benefit.

There's a great review of the REAF show in a San Francisco Bay Times article.

There is a great video preview of the Justice League: New Frontier direct to DVD animated movie over at

The Lucy concert in Chicago is ON!

Over at, they have a video of the entire ladies of BSG panel. has a couple of photos of Lucy from Comic Con:

Over at MaryD's Football Wives site, she has posted some truly spectacular photos and stills of Lucy and the other cast members.

Check out the new videos on Lucy's site.

Renee News
There's a great new video on Renee's site.

Fanfic Review
The fanfic review this week is The Charioteer: In the City of Har by Susan Smith.

Video Review
The video review this week is Zombie by Elfreida.

What Xena Means to Me
Lori Crandall has a really moving story on her site of what Xena and Lucy has meant to her.

Episode Review
The Deliverer - Written by Steven L. Sears. Directed by Oley Sassone. First aired on October 20, 1997.

Gabrielle's Hope - Written by R.J. Stewart. Directed by Charles Siebert and Andrew Merrifield. First aired on October 27, 1997.

The music in my podcast was written and performed by Marilyn Rucker. You can find her and all her wonderfully entertaining music at Marilyn Rucker's Myspace page, at CD Baby, or on ITunes.

One of the greatest Xena websites on the internet is Whoosh. It is a must see for any Xena fan.

The other greatest Xena website is AUSXIP. It has everything a Xena fan might possibly ever want. You must go visit.

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